Established formally in 1981, Fiori (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a furniture designer, manufacturer, and supplier, all in one. After close to 30 years of tireless development, the company has grown to become one of Malaysia's finest furniture exporters and distributors.

In 2004, Fiori (Malaysia) set up a manufacturing facility in the world's furniture factory – Dongguan in Guangzhou, China. Besides cost competitiveness, the state-of-the-art factory also boasts ISO 9001 quality assurance. Real leather sofas are produced here, using hi-tech machinery and management competency from advanced countries such as Germany and Italy. High quality and environmentally friendly raw materials go into the construction of streamlined, chic, and functional sofas of Italian style and beauty.

With close to 30 years' experience, our trusted name and products have successfully penetrated the international market, and satisfied every exacting demand from clients from the US, Japan, Europe, UK, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Fiori promises to deliver high quality sofas to our customers.

斐欧丽(马来西亚)家具公司成立于1981年,是一家集设计、生产、销售于一体的家具企业。经过30多年的发展 ,公司已发展成为马来西亚著名的家具出口商和经销商之一。


结合公司服务国际市场30多年的经验,公司产品已远销美国、日本、欧洲、英国、中东、东南亚等世界各地,满足了客户对品质的极高要求。 斐欧丽—高品质沙发,这是我们对客户的承诺。